Watermoon Studios x 5&A Dime – Barrel Manny (07.01)


5&A Dime has been known to pull off some pretty cool toy events, as well as get their hands on some very sought after exclusives. This time they are working with a brand new toy company, WaterMoon Studios to produce their very own exclusive Barrel Man vinyl figure. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Barrel Man is a souvenir wooden figure from the Philippines. It consists of a male figure wearing a barrel and when you pull the barrel up, you get a surprise. Remember Huck Gee x Fresh Manila’s Bootleg figure?

It is also known that the folks of 5&A Dime are huge fans of Pacquiao, so why not mash these two iconic Filipino figures together! 5&A Dime plans to release the Barrel Manny on Monday, July 1st at Noon PST both online and in store! Check out this funny teaser video below!