Arts Unknown Drops Three New Editions (Kozik, Baseman & Dok A)


UK newcomer Arts Unknown is following up their first round of toys from Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman and Doktor A with a new colorway of each figure. First up there’s the ‘Classic’ edition of Frank Kozik’s William, Reginald and Henry (above) featuring a mono treatment (150 pieces, ~$106 + s/h). Next up there’s the new Blue edition of Gary Baseman’s Slugilicious (100 pieces, ~$99 + s/h). Finally, there’s the previously blogged about Midnight Tryst Bella Dellamere from Doktor A available exclusively from Collect & Destroy (250 pcs, ~$99 + s/h). All three new colorways are available for pre-order now and should ship within 6 to 8 weeks.

In addition to the trio of new colorways, Arts Unknown is working on several new vinyl figures including a new piece from Doktor A, as well as pieces from Alto (Chris Dobson) who’s been making waves with his resin pieces and Chris Ryniak.

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