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May 31, 2013

Arkiv x Visual Ark – New Vinyl Art Sculptures

It’s been awhile since Arkiv has released a vinyl figure.  In fact, his last vinyl release was the Sumo which dropped in 2011.  In the meantime he’s released several resins but has been eager to work in vinyl again as well.  To do so he’s working with Taiwanese brand Visual Ark on high-end figures which he calls ‘Vinyl Art Sculptures’ or VAS for short.  Up first is a vinyl version of Mickiv in five different editions (2 of which are GID), a teaser of which is shown above. Look for the first edition to drop this summer.    For more info on the upcoming releases head over to visual-ark.com and sign up for their newsletter – the first 300 subscribers will receive a special free  figurine.

003-Summer 2013 002-Mickivs head

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