Huck Gee – Penelope The Heavy Trooper


Huck Gee is happy to bestow onto you his latest creation, Penelope The Heavy Trooper. This 8” custom is based on his 3” Dunny from his Post Apocalypse series. There are only 10 of these bad ass figures ever made and they each come signed and numbered. They are available for $800 each, so if you are interested, send your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com. I wonder if you could use the mask on your face. How cool would that be?!

Enclave 13. The shiny, omniscient hypercity of tomorrow. Rising from the ashes like a chromed, mechanical phoenix. Pristine and sterile. Manicured and safeguarded. Mighty walls keep the outside out and the inside in.

The Heavy Assault Trooper. The baddest of the bad ass. Wired, armed and armored for everything the surrounding wastelands can throw at it. When things get tense you call in the guards but when the shit hits the pretty, chrome, perfectly oscillating fan of Enclave 13, you call in these bastards: The Heavy Troopers.

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