Seen: Tokyo Plastic x Emilio Garcia — Arthropod Brain


Toy Art Gallery presented ‘Arthropod Brain’ –- a collaboration between Emilio Garcia and Tokyo Plastic on Saturday March 9th.  Tokyo Plastic started with Emilio’s ongoing series of Brain creatures, most notably his Jumping Brain, as inspiration and then blended in their interest in insects and taxidermy with plenty of research on real-world insects.  The result is a menagerie of brain insects, brought to life as digital models and then output via 3D printing.

Instead of using the 3D printed pieces as master sculpts to produce final parts in say cast resin or plastic, Tokyo Plastic opted to use the printed pieces as the show pieces directly.  Each is painted in metallic colors and sold either individually or in a small group in a wall-mounted taxidermy style presentation.  There’s plenty of variety in the collection including Horned Beetles, Lady Bugs,  and a Praying Mantis.  Considering the expense of 3D output and the quality finish of these pieces, the prices are quite reasonable with small mounted pieces going for around $100.  In addition to the sculptural piece, the show includes sharp photographic prints of shiny, chrome-like pieces against jet black backgrounds.

In addition to the collaborative insect brain pieces, Emilio presented his latest ‘Brain’ creation – the Skull Brain in both life-size Resin fine art multiple editions as well as the new smaller porcelain edition from k.olin tribu.  Up next  — the Skull Brain in marble.

Enjoy the opening photos after the jump and be sure to check out TAG’s official show page for availability and pricing.