Mini 10-Doh! Series 2 Kickstarter Campaign

Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink/ So Analog is determined and eager to get a second series of his Mini 10-Doh! figures out, but needs your help! That’s why he has put together a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds towards half of the production costs. The goal he is aiming for would be $15,000. To reach that goal he has posted a number of different levels of pledges, each with some awesome perks. Some of which contain some Kickstarter Exclusives, only obtainable if you donate! The upcoming series 2 would feature artists such as, Riccardo Bucchioni, Gary Ham, Honi Koni, David Horvath, Hydro74, kaNO, LindaPanda, Nathan Hamill, Nate Mitchell, Andy Poon, Ragnar, Shawnimals, Valley Dweller, and Drew Wise. If you want to see these figures be made, please support!

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