Scott Kinnebrew – Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion (2.24)


As part of their ongoing Super Series Sunday weekly releases, Tenacious Toys will release Scott Kinnebrew’s (Forces of Dorkness) ‘Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion’ – a holy x pop culture crossover that the artist refers to more simply as ‘Leia’.  The wall-mountable idols (5” x 3”) feature Leia standing on an organically rendered Rebel Alliance logo.

Rather than going with one colorway, Scott has made each piece unique (15 pcs) with its own color combination.  Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion will be released  on Sunday (2.24) @ 3 PM EST from Tenacious Toys for $30/blind bag.

001-Red-White-and-Denim 001-bruise