Andrew Bell Mahakala Dunny AP Sets + Prints


Andrew Bell’s Mahakala designs were some of the most popular Dunnys released in 2012. If you missed out on some or all of these in-demand figures, you’ll be interested in Andrew’s Mahakala Dunny AP Sets  which feature both of the 8” Dunnys, each with a hand-made special accessory, both of the 3” Dunnys, and two 12” x 12” prints (black: 150 pcs, white: 30 pcs).  Limited to 12 sets, each set’s Dunnys and prints are signed and numbered with matching numbers.  These sets offer one-stop shopping for Mahakala Dunny fans, would make amazing holiday gifts, and take things a step beyond with the hand-made shield and flaming sword accessories.

To make things fair, Andrew will be selling the Mahakala Dunny sets via lottery – enter via the special web form by 11.26.12.  Winners will be notified on 11.27 and will be able to purchase a set for $500.    In addition to the AP sets, Andrew is offering the Black Mahakala Dunny prints (150 pcs) for $50 with a 1:8 chance to receive a bonus White print (30 pcs).