Proto Monday – Dudebox’s Pete Fowler and Fiends


Happy Proto Monday to you.  Here’s an exclusive look back at the design and development of Pete Fowler’s inaugural art toy project with Dudebox Pete Fowler and Fiends, which will debut at NYCC with two figures.  Roughly a year ago, Pete sat down with Dudebox to brainstorm a new figure line that would be distinct from his previous efforts.  Once the idea of a Fowler designed platform was agreed to, work began from  Pete’s original drawings through 3D renders and 3D printed protos. 

During design and development, attention was paid to ensure that the figures were not top heavy and would balance properly and that the head, body, arms, and ears/horns accessories were interchangeable.  In the end, a mix of rotocast and injection molding was chosen to achieve the desired playability goals.

As you can see in these exclusive pictures, Pete designed a universal platform body and then created two separate charactersDai and Owen, Welsh names reflecting Fowler’s homeland. Each character features his own individual head sculpt.  Dai’s mustached egg-shaped cranium offers a nice contrast to Owen’s decidedly more bulbous head.  As we previously posted, the first Dai figure, Dai Ocean, will be released at NYCC.  Which leaves Owen’s debut to one of the ‘biggest names in vinyl toy culture’.  Check the sneak after the jump.

We’re looking forward to Owen’s full reveal, the NYCC drops,  as well as the eventual release of the three winning designs from the ‘Design a Fiend’ contest.