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Sep 12, 2012

Preview: Custom Sucklord Editions for ‘Super Suck Up’ (11.3)

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With less than two months until Designer Con 2012 (11.3), the crazy limited-edition madness of DKE’s Super Suck Up is right around the corner.  If you missed our initial post on the event, DKE has recruited 16 brave artists to each produce a custom edition of a Sucklord figure – either the iconic design or one of his ‘pegs’ (50 pcs, $100).  Over the past month or so, DKE has been posting previews of the artist editions including final shots, WIP images, and also the original packaging artwork.  Here’s a recap of what’s been revealed so far – including Frank Kozik’s Krono Pussy, Paul Kaiju’s  custom, Scott Tolleson’s Blow Peg (a Princess Leia parody), October Toys’ Marvel Inspired Peg figure (WIP), Drilone’s G.I. Gaslord figure, Luke Chueh’s custom concept, Buff Monster’s original art of his ice cream warrior, Doktor A’s stout victorian warrior, Matt Doughty’s (Onell Design) custom figure, Skinner’s hulk-tastic custom figure, Ferg’s crazy  ‘Zorcho the Burner’ featuring a flame BUD head, and a clear orange body, as well as Jason Freeny’s customs which feature an original dissected style sculpt.  Enjoy.  Which is your favorite? 

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