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Sep 29, 2012

Huck Gee – Limited Edition Red Chardmonster


It’s been almost exactly a month since the first Gray Chardmonster stumbled his way out of his mystical stupor and onto discriminating collectors’ shelves.  Now comes the next cheerful spirit, the Red Chardmonster. While Gray was fond of imbibing, Red apparently takes it to a new level – witness his blotto expression and his one empty flask.  Once again limited to 10 ten pieces @ $750, the Red Chardmonster comes in laser-engraved box and is available by sending an email to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com. 

“Today the trap was found empty. Nobody quaffed. Both bottles still full, not a drop has been lost. No sad soul will join me in my pursuit to get tossed. Another night all alone, lazily skipping square rocks. Perhaps just a sip, a quick hit of the blush. The red stuff it helps, it erases regret. It assists with the blur, makes me misstep and sweat. To make the boring more fun and easily… what? The bottle’s now empty? How could that happen? I swear it was right here, hasn’t left my sight for a second. Perhaps I’ll sit down, I’ll just take a moment, rest on my laurels til my eyes stop a twirling.”
– The Chardmonster.


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Why is it called ChardMonster? Is it because of Charlie Brown?

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