CoolRain x MINDstyle – Dunkeys come to Vinyl (18”, 5”)


Korean toy artist Coolrain has made a name for himself for his hand-made 1:6 figures and in particular his bold Dunkeys series of monkey characters celebrating hoops and sneaker culture.   Now, MINDstyle brings  his signature characters into production vinyl in both 18” and 5” forms.  Naturally, the new figures use Coolrain’s stylized NBA platform design featured in MINDstyle’s NBA figure lineup.  

Limited to 300 pieces, the 18” Dunkeys 23 features Pithecuse (#23)  and has an SRP of $275.00.  .  The 5” Dunkeys Triple Threat features all three  Dunkeys characters: Pithecuse #23, Simius #91, and Mono #3. Limited to 500 pieces each, the 5” Dunkeys will retail for $40 each.  Both offerings were pre-released at the recent milestone POP LIFE! exhibition in Beijing and Vinyl on Vinyl in Manila.  Pre-orders are being taken now ahead of the official release on Saturday September 29th. After the jump check out two photos of the sweet Dunkeys display at POP LIFE! via Coolrain’s blog.


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  1. Kinda racist aren’t they? Monkeys meant to illicit the idea of what’s obviously african american ball NBA stars? The designer better hope no black American NBA players see these. Jordan himself would take issue with this no doubt.

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