Joe Ledbetter’s Having a Garage Sale! (05.12)


Joe Ledbetter has been packing up his things and will soon be changing studio locations. And you know what happens when people tend to move and have way to much stuff to bring with them. They have a garage sale! Taking place this Saturday, May 12th from 11AM-9PM, Joe will be selling a bunch of goodies! Things from rare Jled Toys, prints, decks, one-of-a-kind goods, paintings, sketches, toys from his person collection, as well as furniture! Show up early enough and you can also score some free stuff as well! There will also be a chance for someone to leave with a super rare JLed Toy. To be eligible for this contest, you must spend at least $25. This event is CASH only and deposits will be accepted for higher priced items.

Joe Ledbetter’s Pop-Up Shop & Garage Sale
915 Mateo St., suite 313
Los Angeles, CA 90021