Peter Kato x myplasticheart – Metal Fusion Turtle Tetsujin Resins


myplasticheart has once again teamed up with Peter Kato on not one, but two exclusive versions of his Turtle Tetsujin resin figures.  The two Metal Fusion Turtle Tetsujins (2.5”) are hand-cast in clear resin with hand-painted metallic features and have embedded mph heart logos in their chests.  Metal Fusion Orange features a clear orange torso and arms while Metal Fusion Silver features a mostly silver body with a clear yellow area in the center of its chest.  Both figures will be released on Thursday (4.26)  for $19.99 on the mph site.  Also if you are interested in the previously released Hinomaru Turtle Tetsujins which benefit Japanese disaster relief, now’s the time as these will be unavailable shortly.