Toy Art Gallery Presents: Paul Kaiju in “Pauly Vinyl State of Mind” (03.03)


We had the chance to infiltrate the Paul Kaiju compound recently, to take a few pictures of the goodies we can expect to see at his solo show. “Pauly Vinyl State of Mind” this Saturday, March 3rd at TAG. They should really change the name of this show to Paul Kaiju Con 2012, because the exhibit will be packed with those dying to add a few PK goodies to their collections. Just peering into his work station made my knees weak, as I saw a number of custom Boss Carrions, Salamander Joes, Resin figures and other BIG surprises that will make you mouth water. Paul will be in attendance of his show, which will start at 7PM.

PURCHASING INFO: Tickets to purchase work from PAULYVINYL will be distributed FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE starting at 12 NOON on Sat, Mar. 3rd. One ticket per person. Please claim your place in line by 6:30PM prior to 7PM opening. Any remaining work will go online at the following day.

Be sure to take a look after the jump at a few more exclusive teasers for the show. Let your imaginations run wild!

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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