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Mar 04, 2012

Seen: Paul Kaiju -- 'Pauly Vinyl State of Mind' @ Toy Art Gallery

 Update: Added closeup photos on Facebook.

On Saturday evening, Toy Art Gallery presented the wildly imaginative toy creations of Paul Kaiju with the opening of his 'Pauly Vinyl State of Mind' solo. PK's legion of collectors showed up early to stake out a spot in line. How early? #1 started the line at 11pm on Friday... The patience paid off as Paul and TAG had been quite busy in preparing the show which includes a large 4' or so hand-painted Boss Carrion in Fiber Glass anchor piece, a dizzying array of one-off hand paints, from the artists' seemingly endless creature catalog, as well as editioned pieces such as the new pink Boss Carrion vinyl. More? Definitely, including the reveal of the prototype for the upcoming Pollen Kaiser vinyl (10" or so) in production from TAG.

While each collector is bound to have their favorite piece, the life size Boss Carrion certainly drew alot of attention and justly so. Pushing the boundaries of sculpture and large-format toy, the TAG produced fiberglass piece features fully articulated arms and legs -- something I can't recall seeing before. So while this first large boss was displayed standing up, he's equally comfortable in a seated pose. Painted by PK himself, this first show piece is available for $6500. The forthcoming low-run production pieces with factory paint will retail for under $4000. The Boss Carrion is the latest in TAG's ongoing series of large fiberglass figures. Several more are already under production, with the goal of monthly releases.

It's probably not surprising that the show is almost completely sold out. That said, if you're in Hollywood definitely drop by to see PK's talent first-hand in the form of his hand paints as well as the large Boss Carrion and the upcoming Pollen Kaiser, which should debut as one of the most in-demand vinyl toys of 2012.

Hand-painted life-size fiberglass Boss Carrion

Pollen Kaiser Vinyl Proto

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