New MPH Exclusive Healeymade Resins (3.6)

myplasticheart continues its collaboration with David Healey on two new exclusive Healeymade resin figures – Grape Fog IG-BABA Mk. II (4”, $39.99) seen above on the left and the two tone Violet and Shade Wilde (4”, $64.99). Both figures are inspired by arguably the best sci-fi movie series ever.  IG-BABA Mk. II pays homage to one of the galaxy’s lesser known bounty hunters and is part of Healey’s ‘bounty wrestler’ series.  The new release of Wilde is the first resin version of a previous mash up from ‘06 fusing GI JOE and Star Wars.  In a first for Healeymade, Wilde is a multipart figure allowing for multi-color editions such as this purple and neutral ‘shade’ mix. Despite appearances, Wilde is not articulated.  Both figures will be available exclusively from mph on Tuesday, March 6th 2012 online and at their NYC location.


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