Luke Chueh x Fully Visual — ‘Jack’ Bronze (3.7)


As we mentioned a few days ago, Luke Chueh has collaborated with the metal experts at Fully Visual on his first bronze sculpture, ‘Jack’.  The new wall-mounted taxidermy style piece should immediately remind collectors of ‘Jacked’, Chueh’s beloved painting of a rogue rabbit who has unceremoniously removed (‘jacked’) an antelope’s antlers in order to transform himself into… nothing other than a Jackalope!  A clever take on the original painting, the new sculpture  offers an abrupt and perhaps karmic conclusion to the saga.    Limited to 10 pieces, the ‘Jack’ wall-mounted bronze (9”x8”x5”)  comes with a certificate of  authenticity featuring a hand-drawn Jack portrait  and will be released on Wednesday, March 7th for $1200 each directly from  Hit the jump for a behind-the-scenes look at the sculptures prior to the finishing touches and the COA’s.


001-Untitled-1.jpged 001-Untitled-1.jpged