Secret Fresh x Joe Ledbetter x TLS – Burger Bunny in Wood (1.22)


Beware of the Mutant Bunny invasion!  For the better part of the year, Joe Ledbetter has been unleashing a different Mutant Bunny a month as part of his 2nd monthly print series.  November’s voracious mutant, Burger Bunny, will soon be the envy of his fellow muties. Why, you ask?

Burger Bunny is about to jump off the page and find new life as a limited-edition 10” wood figure exclusive to the awesome crew @ Secret Fresh in the Philippines and produced by The Loyal Subjects.  While he’s all about chowing down, Burger Bunny is more than willing to let you have it your way.  The burger elements are all interchangeable and removable – mix and match to fit your visual appetite.

Secret Fresh will host a Burger Bunny release party on January 22nd 2012 at their Manila location with Joe Ledbetter and the Loyal Subjects in the house.  Limited to 50 pieces, Burger Bunny will retail for $299 and come with its own wood box, naturally. 

While vinyl is clearly our first love, we have a soft spot for wood toys as we know many of you do.  JLed in wood sounds pretty darn sweet to us.  What really seals the deal is the anticipation of getting to rearrange the pieces any which way for custom servings.  Wood rules because of its tactile appeal; pulling burger bits apart and putting them back together again should be a great experience.