Fools Paradise – Da Lowfool Pre-Order


Double Line (Alan Ng) is back at it, creating wild toy creations for his ever-expanding Fools Paradise universe.  This time around he’s re-envisioned his already over-the-top Low Fool muscle man figure as Da Lowfool, a supernatural wolf-man creature with oversized everything ‘cept for his peculiar, almost-mechanical legs.  The design works by combining a heavy dose of ‘kick-ass’ with just a touch of unexpected style and call-it whimsy. 

Each Da Lowfool figure is hand-painted and will be made to order with pre-orders starting now @ $299 (includes world-wide shipping).  While not specified, we believe Da Lowfool is made of polystone. Expect Da Lowfool to ship in April 2012.

SONY DSC001-DSC03635     001-DSC03625 SONY DSC

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