Proto Monday >> Creature Case by Daniel Monahan


Today on Proto Monday we’re bringing you the first look at Creature Case, a user configurable character-based iPhone case created by Daniel Monahan, best known for his line of Angels and Gringos art toys.  Instead of a static character design, the silicone Creature Case puts the owner in charge with a plug and play system using 9 PVC injected character parts which fit into 21 ‘nodes’ along the front, sides, and back of the case. Change the creature configuration to meet your mood – go big and plug all the parts in or streamline things with just a part or two.    To complete the package, the Creature Case will release a iOS face-maker app for more build-your-own fun.

To move from prototype to finished product, Daniel has created a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. Several Creature Cases are available as rewards.  In addition to any of the  three standard colors (blue, pink and green) for $25, there are  several special variations on offer including the Vinyl Pulse exclusive GID version and the Black Tie edition which is a two-pack featuring translucent white and black cases.