Gunnzo Presents: Gumpy Custom Show (10.08)


Jose Reynoso, the artist behind the Gumpy figure, is proud to present the Gumpy Custom show! This event will be taking place at Gunnzo and will be showcasing a number of custom Gumpy figures by various artists, who include:

Frank Kozik, The Beast Brothers, Skinner, J*Ryu, Nebulon 5, Marka27, NST, Saner, Pon, Ritzy Periwinkle, Dodgrr, Spanky Stokes, Rohby, Gary Ham, DrilOne, Leecifer, Task One, Andrew Bell, Paul Kaiju, Sketchbot , J.E.C., Shane Jessup, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Sisterrez, 2bithack, BabyVtec, Gatchabert, Jay222, Scribe, Gumpy, and Plastic Booty.

There will also be 50 custom Gomi figures on display at this event from artists all over the US. One of the great things about this show is that there will be no Gallery mark up on the customs. That means all the money goes directly to the artist and it also means the pieces from the show will be a lot more affordable. Another reason to stop by the show early is the free Skinner print that will be given to the first 20 attendees. The show will be taking place on Saturday, October 8th from 7-11PM.

2445 Juan Street
San Diego, CA 92110