Rotofugi Presents: Toy Karma III (09.10)


Hosted by Rotofugi and Curated by Mark Nagata and Yo Miyamoto is Toy Karma III, which is a biennial Art Show inspired by Classic Japanese Toys. The big event takes place on Saturday, September 10th from 7-10PM. Participating artists include:

Alex Waid, Amapro, Atelier G-1, Bert Gatchalian, Plaseebo, Buff Monster, Bwana Spoons, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Daniel Goffin, Dead Presidents Designs, Dream Rocket, Elegab, Grumble Toy, Gumliens, Ilu Ilu, Itokin Park, Jeff Lamm, Joshua Ellingson, Konatsu, Le Merde, Leecifer, Mark Brown, Mark Nagata, Marmit, Monster Worship, MonstreHero, Motorbot, Nakayoshi, OsirisOrion, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico, Ralph Cosentino, Shane Haddy, Splurrt, Steve Seeley, Sunguts, TOVI, TTToy, Uamou, Uh Oh Toys, Yutari, and Rod Filbrandt.

Be sure to also expect exclusives releases from Max Toy Company x Konatsu, Monster Worship x Jeff Lamm, Plaseebo, RealxHead, Rumble Monsters, The Lake Monsters x Chris Ryniak, and Zollmen.

2780 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614