Proto Monday // Hellfire x David Flores — Deathead


It’s still Monday right?  Phew.  It is… at least on the West Coast.  Here’s a last-minute, just squeaked in, right before SDCC edition of Proto Monday.  Today we’re featuring an exclusive, detailed look at David Flores' (w/Hellfire)  new 10” Deathead figure in production from Bic Plastics. If all goes according to plan, the figure will be on display at SDCC in the DKE booth (#4728).

The figure blends the iconic mouse with the ‘Death’s Head’ symbol used by the Prussian army in the 19th century and then by several Nazi regiments during WWII.  As you can see the sculpt is well-done with deep, pronounced lines carrying David’s signature stained-glass, segmented aesthetic while preserving the stark contrast between the two sets of source imagery.

One Reply to “Proto Monday // Hellfire x David Flores — Deathead”

  1. He’s Amazing !! I know the scull is based of the death scull from the “nazi’s” with a twist…. My only problem – is that it looks like “Kaws” had a hand in the design. I think how the bones behind the scull head gives you this feeling. Not to say – I don’t want one….. Cause I do !!! I just hope it’s priced under a hundred bucks

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