MAD – Zombie Robber 8" Dunny (7.22)


So the smart money has been on an 8" Dunny from MAD coinciding with SDCC.  While there was some speculation that it would be a larger version of the Zombie Biker (Dunny 2011), MAD keeps the Zombie vibe alive while zigging and zagging at the same time with the 8" Zombie Robber.  While the photos really do speak for themselves, this one is top-notch. Great design and execution from the new head sculpt (big, mean teeth are in, check back Monday for a prototypical reveal) to the fun details that make such a difference including the knit cap which removes to reveal the object of Robber's affections, a hidden diamond, recently 'acquired'. 

Limited to 1500 pieces, his one drops on Thursday July 21st (first full day of SDCC) at kidrobot, and your favorite shop worldwide for $75.for the 'con Based on tradition and the kronikle wording 'this grey version with pink tongue',  we think odds are that there is a special SDCC colorway with a lower run [via Kronikle]. 

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