DKE Toys Exclusive Releses & Signing Schedule @ SDCC *Update*


DKE Toys will once again be attending this years SDCC. They won’t only be displaying tons of toys, samples, and prototypes from various toy companies, but they will also be releasing exclusives and have a few guests signing and sketching.


First up are Android’s Heroes & Villains Collectible Mini figures by Andrew Bell. Only one design will be released each day for 4 days, beginning on Wednesday, July 20th. Meaning you have to show up at the booth on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to collect the whole set. They will retail for $10 each!


The Sucklord will be releasing an exclusive ‘Asking & Telling’ Edition of the Lavender Guard from his Suckadelic Gay Empire series. These will be limited to 40 pieces and will retail for $69. Images of the Lavender Guard coming soon!

SDCC2011_BudbatB SDCC2011_BudbatC SDCC2011_BudbatA

Last year at SDCC Scott Wilkowski released the ‘Budcat’ with Jamungo. This year he is turning that bat into a cat, with the release of his ‘Budbat’ figure. These will be available in 2 colorways in an edition of 80 pieces. They will retail for $60 a piece.


olive47 will have some custom handpainted Miss Cupcake figures available at SDCC. Don’t let these sweet treats fool you, they are not edible! There will only be 50 pieces available for $50. They also come with signed and numbered print!


Next up we have something for all you Noferin and Pecanpal fanatics! Take a look at these mini glass figurines by Tynies. This GID colorway release stands as tall as a quarter! 200 sets will be available for $15 a set!


Take a gander at the Venice Blue edition of ZacPac x Suicidal Tendecie’s S'”K”UM-kun figure. This release is limited to 50 pieces, where 25 will be available in Japan and the remaining 25 will be at SDCC. These will retail for $120.


DKE has also got your plush needs covered! Introducing A Little Stranger’s super duper’d out Cavey plush figure! This caped crusader is limited to 30 pieces and will be available for $30.


Grody Shogun will also be apart of the DKE booth with his Monster release! Available blind bag style are his newest soft vinyl figures, which feature a variation of body parts mixed up to give to give this the ultimate one off effect! No one figure will be the same. These will be available all days for $25 each.




Lastly, DKE will have some special SDCC Edition Art Hustle promo cards! Each will be stamped with a gold foil ‘SDCC’ and one will be available daily on request!


Signing Schedule

Saturday 07/23 @ Noon – Holly – Cavey creator

Saturday 07/23 @ 1 pm – Andrew Bell – Dead Zebra

Saturday 07/23 @ 3 pm  – Sucklord – Suckadelic

Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm – Ferg – Jamungo

Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm  – Scott Wilkowski – Waxbean Studios

Sunday 07/24 – DKE SAMPLE SALE