Dez Einswell – Octo Wok-R @ SDCC


This is the kind of surprise we like.  Turns out that Dez Einswell will release his new 7” Octo Wok-R resin figures @ SDCC.  Shown here in proto form, Wok-R will be available in two editions: ‘Night Wok-R Classic’ (black, white grey) and  ‘Day Wok-R Rust’ (green, gray, dull yellow).  Each is limited to 50 hand-painted, signed and numbered pieces.  Look for limited quantities at SDCC starting on preview night (7.20). Pricing has not been set yet, but expect to pay around $200 for these – a fair price considering all the work that’s gone into them.    It’s nice to see Dez bringing his Doodle Barn characters back to 3D once again with a strong design and sculpt that takes advantage of the medium.

001-dez_octo-wok-r_02 001-dez_octo-wok-r_03