Amanda Visell x Itokin park – Trojan Horse (7.30)


Amanda Visell and Itokin Park will release their incomparable Trojan Horse resin figure set (4” x 8” x 7”) on Saturday June 30th @ Switcheroo during Itokin’s clay figure workshop (3-9 PM) and online. Thanks to Henry Loh, here’s a look behind the scenes as Amanda and Itokin Park finish the painting of the Trojan Horses. 

Limited to just 25 pieces @ $585 , each Trojan Horse showcases the artistry of both artists with a complex hand-done paint job across the horse, the five Trojan warriors (each with different facial expressions), the chariot, and the removable rear canopy.  Comprised of nearly 50 individual  pieces, including moving wheels, individually hinged doors, and magnetic cannons, this one matches artistry with a strong dose of ‘tech.

Fans of Amanda’s inventive and clever customs will certainly be interested in her five custom Trojan Horses.  We’re looking forward to seeing how she transforms this deluxe art toy.

Trojan Horse Release
Saturday, July 30th (3-9 PM)

543 b south raymond
Pasadena, California 91105