Secret Fresh x Beast Brothers Calaverita (07.01)


Sadly, no mustache like in the flyer, but that does not take away the awesomeness from The Beast Brothers’ Calaverita figure with Secret Fresh. The Calaverita is based on the Sugar Skulls you would see during the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Knowing The Beast Brothers, they take a lot of inspiration from both their culture and heritage, which you can plainly see with this piece. Secret Fresh plans on releasing these alongside Amanda Visell’s Topsy Turvy Croc on Friday, July 1st. Secret Fresh also notes that Carlos East will be doodling on each of these Calaverita figures as well!

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  1. Good post on The Beast Brothers’ Calaverita figure. They do look like the sugar skills you’d see in a Day of the Dead celebration, don’t they?

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