Proto Monday >> Jason Limon’s Specimen #2


Happy Proto Monday.  It’s been awhile since we cast the spotlight on an exclusive proto reveal.  We’re back with the intricately wicked Specimen #2 from Jason Limon in the works from newcomer Inner Sanctum.  Specimens stem from Limon’s unfolding story about the rise of intelligent plant-based creatures which seek to re-establish a balance between nature and man, in part by co-opting the latter.  As shown in his concept sketches (after the jump), each Specimen is delivered as pollen by airborne creatures, grows in the ground and then emerges intelligent, capable, and ready to reclaim the planet.

The second in an series of seven art toys, #2 makes full use of the 3D medium.  The detailed sculpt features six separate antennae-like projections, and six curved tentacles.  Where Specimen #1 has a curved serpent-like body , the second intelligent plant has a more compact bulbous shape lending it an ominous appearance. Look for Specimen #1 from Inner Sanctum for Holiday 2011.

1_DSC_1745-Edit 2_DSC_1728-Edit4_DSC_1738-Edit-Edit   

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