Piecing Together the new Doze Green Kidrobot Black


So yesterday we first posted a teaser of the wildly coupled feet of an upcoming Kidrobot Black figure traced back to a crazy original mural by none other than Doze Green.  We then spotted Clutter’s reveal of a KR Black figure which they suspected to be either from Doze or Mars-1.  Thanks to kaNO’s suggestion, we went back to the OG mural photo and it’s clear that the images Clutter posted are of the rear of the toy.  At this point, we’ll say this one is all Doze Green.

Fast forward to today and the final (more or less) piece of the puzzle comes together with an article on Kronikle about Alex Pardee’s Mural in the new KR pop-up shop in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  In one shot (after the jump)there’s a row of toys in individual cases and there’s one one jet black piece.  Noting the feet and the hump on the back, it’s the one in the same Doze Green KR black fig. 

While the showcase shot is distant, we can tell that this new fig is huge, at least 15” – 18” and seems to have a nice sculptural flow with nicely posed arms.  At this size and given the typically low KR Black runs, this is probably going to be a pricey figure.  However, it could very well end up as the best Black drop so far.