Kidrobot x Street Fighter Minis


The licensing train continues to pick up steam.  The latest cross of pop culture and designer toys is the upcoming Kidrobot x Street Fighter due in late July. The mini series includes all twelve of the original characters from SF II.   Iā€™m torn on this one ā€“ I loved the genre-changing classic as did probably millions of others, but it would have been nice to see an injection of attitude and interpretation on these, rather than a fairly straightforward translation to a platform-ish body.   According to Previews, these will be available on July 27th for $9.95/blind box [Source: Previews]. 

3 Replies to “Kidrobot x Street Fighter Minis”

  1. Oh jeez, I’m a huge KR & SF fan, but these are so wrong. Would’t keep them if someone gave them to me for free.
    I mean really, this wasn’t that hard to get right, all the art is already done, just had to reference SF pocket fighter!!! take a look & compare & I challenge you to still want to buy these. ;, (
    honda looks like his mascara ran & he’s about to collapse from hunger, & guile is staring into my sooouuulll! make it stop

  2. Agreed that they could look better.. but all I’ve been playing is Street Fighter (and MVC) for the past two years, and KidRobot is my new addiction.. so.. just take my empty wallet already. šŸ™

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