Le Merde’s Megalith Release & Custom Show @ Thrash Out (05.28)


Le Merde has finally released photos of his newest toy, dubbed Megalith! What better way to introduce this toy to the world than a custom Megalith show at Thrash Out in Tokyo, Japan! Participating artists include: Kiyoka Ikeda, Naoya Ikeda, Cometdebris, Chanmen, KaToPe, Itokin Park, Mr.Ohhashi Buta No Hana, Arbito, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, and Chris Grumble Toy. Misty Fog’s Ultimate Megalith will take place this Saturday, May 28. This show will also feature tons of custom Gargamel customs by Le Merde, as well as the first release of Megalith (seen above).

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