ZacPac – Stay Gold S”K”UM-kun (05.13)


ZacPac has just announced the official release date of their first vinyl figure S”K”UM-kun, which is set for Friday, May 13th. The “Stay Gold” version is an exclusive Suicidal Tendencies release and is limited to 100 Pieces. He is also covered in the signature Suicidal Tendencies Cross and should retail for around $110 +S&H. ZacPac has also made the figure able to adjust his hands to sign “Z” for ZacPac, which might have to be one of it’s coolest features.

skum-staygold8 skum-staygold3 skum-staygold6skum-staygold7 skum-staygold8 skum-staygold9skum-staygold10skum-staygold5 skum-staygold18 skum-staygold4 skum-staygold14 skum-staygold2skum-staygold19 skum-newera2 skum-newera3skum-staygold15skum-staygold13