Veggiesomething x Crazy Label – House Of Liu Qing Pirate, Qing Soldier, & Contemporary Series



Without any warning, Crazy Label has just posted up a release of new figures from the House of Liu series by Veggiesomething. They debut the all new Qing Pirate (100 pieces), who is equipped with a 6” sword for $79.95 and the Qing Soldier (400 pieces), who is handling a 7” spear for $59.95. Both stand 8” tall with 3 points of articulation and feature a hand-weaved bamboo hat.

For the fans of Baby Di Di and Baby Mei Mei, they’ve got what you need with their blind boxed Contemporary Series. These 3” mini figures come in blue, green, pink, purple, or a special pirate version. Pick up a blind box for $9.95 or a case for $74.95. All these fine toys can be found in the Crazy Label store HERE.

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