myplasticheart Presents: Ghost In The Machine (05.13)

gitm_flyer_front_600 gitm_flyer_back_600

On Friday, May 13th at 6PM, myplasticheart presents to you, “Ghost In The Machine”. A custom show that features Matt Siren’s iconic Ghost Girl figure, as well as the official blank DIY release. Matt has invited 25 artists to partake in this exhibition, who include:

64Colors, Royce Bannon, Steve Chanks, Chauskoskis, Darkcloud, Dril One, j*ryu, Jester, Keely, Abe Lincoln Jr., Map Map, Marka27, Lou Pimentel, Reactor-88, Marc Reusser, Todd Robertson, Brent Nolasco, Robots Will Kill, Chris Ryniak, Matt Siren, Scott Tolleson, Julie West, Wheelbarrow, and Wrona.

This should be another top notch custom show coming from myplasticheart and we cannot wait to see what people have in store. They are already hitting it off with amazing custom from Map Map, who is featured in the flier.

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