Seen: Mari Inukai Signing Sekaiseifukudan Sets


Here’s a look at Mari Inukai signing and sketching on the boxes of her new Sekaiseifukudan figures (Inner Sanctum) for the super collectors who have purchased either a full OG set (7 figures) or an entire set of 21 figures (OG, DIY and Exclusive GIDs). Buyers of the OG Set will receive an original small watercolor painting from Mari such as the one shown after the jump, while buyers of the full set of 21 figures will receive a large original watercolor painting (~ 11” x 14”).   Adorable characters + cheerful artist = awesome in our box.   For inquiries about full sets please contact Inner Sanctum directly [Photos: Rachel Stone].


4_DSCN0184[1] 3_DSCN0181[1]  1_DSCN0175[1] 5_DSCN0188[1]

2 Replies to “Seen: Mari Inukai Signing Sekaiseifukudan Sets”

  1. Ja~ck cannot see the pictures…(?_?)
    and by the way, small one for 7 figures set,
    and pretty big water color painting for 21 figures set.

  2. Hi Mari. Been having some weird picture problems today. I think it’s fixed. Try refreshing the page. Will update the watercolor info.

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