Luke Chueh – 1000% Possessed Sculpture


For the opening of his ‘Contemptorary Art’ solo @ Corey Helford, Luke Chueh debuted a prototype of the 6 foot plus 1000% Possessed sculpture in production from Munky King.  Limited to 15 pieces, the final production pieces will be created in smooth fiber glass.  Price on this special piece is still TBD, regardless of what you might have read in other spots.  Already picked out a spot in your pad ?  Drop Munky King a line –

Luke’s new work features a new direction for his bear – from character to symbol/icon.  Be sure to check out Dailydujour’s full coverage of the show. 

29_DSC_2850 28_DSC_2846 31_DSC_2862 30_DSC_2845