Made in the USA – Buff Monster Test Pulls from Veracious Vinyl


Vinyl toys are made in China and Japan – we all know that, it’s part of the game.  That’s about to change.  Veracious Vinyl, a boutique art toy factory,  is in the process of manufacturing vinyl art toys right here in the USA, on the West Coast.  We’ve been following this exciting development for several months now, watching as things have progressed.  Now, we’re bringing you  a first look at early test pulls of a new Buff Monster project featuring a new sculpt of his signature character.  Details on the release of the new Buff Monster figure are scarce, but we have a hunch that it's tied to the upcoming 10th anniversary of the character.

Taken via a cam phone these shots show several different shades of clear + glitter vinyl pieces.  Bubbles?  Almost none.  That’s glitter you’re seeing.   And… these  are early test pulls. Look for new shots shortly.

It’s impossible to know ahead of time how the development of vinyl figures cast in America changes the art toy equation.  That said, we’re hopeful this will open up new possibilities for independent artists.   There are alot of pressing questions.  Will some art toy production shift to the USA?  Or will we see new, low run, artist produced vinyl that hasn’t been practical for most up until this point? There's no shortage of intriguing head scratchers at this point.

Keep an eye on Veracious Vinyl, we certainly will. 



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