Cris Rose – Sprogs: Edition B (1.19)


They’re back… Cris Rose is about to release Sprogs Edition B featuring six different Sprog designs painted in a soothing Ice Blue color scheme.  Limited to fifteen 2.5” hand-made blind-box figures, Edition B features three laboratory assistant ‘bots – Reticle, Reason and Reflux as well as three emergency and crowd control robots — Roche, Rockford and Rue.   Sprogs Edition B will be released over at Cris’s web shop on January 19th @ 10 AM PST for $35 (+s/h) per blind box.    Given the hand-crafted nature of these figures and the extremely low-run, the Sprogs are not only pretty cool, they are a strong value.

In addition to offering Edition B in blind-boxes, Cris Rose is also offerings two different sets of 3 Sprogs – the Lab Pack (Reticle, Reason and Reflux) and the Wall Pack (Roche, Rockford, and Rue) for $95 (+ s/h) per pack.   The packs will be painted to order and will be limited to no more than 5 packs of each type.

IMG_3144 IMG_3149   IMG_3151 IMG_3154 IMG_3157 EditionB