Seen: The Omi Show

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Munky King presented the opening of ‘The Omi Show’ on Saturday evening (12.11) featuring 100+ customs of its new wall-mounted Omi figure which draws inspiration from Asian opera masks.   Looking to celebrate the DIY potential of the new platform, Munky King opted for an open-call process in which any customized Omis would be accepted for inclusion in the show.   Given the diversity of artists with considerable ranges in experience, the show as a whole is well worth a view with many strong pieces from well-known artists as well as lesser-known talents. 

Picking standout pieces is always a risky and incomplete process.  That said, Yoskay Yamamoto’s  pair of custom over-sized, hand-carved wood Omis are a must-see.  As is J*Ryu’s  innovative ‘There is a Light that Never Goes Out’ piece which makes strong use of the Omi  and its clear stand by filling the tree-shaped face with dirt to provide a ‘back stage’ view. The Omi show is on view through December 31st at Munky King on Melrose in Hollywood.  Next up for Omi? The Artist Series 1 Drop.