mphlabs releases A-Type: DIY and Andrew Bell’s Rai Red

atype_raired_back_500 atype_white_front_500

mphlabs is about to drop their new A-Type platform figure in two editions – DIY (34.99) and A-Type designer Andrew Bell’s Rai Red artist edition ($49.99).  Standing 6” tall and measuring out to a healthy 8” wide, the A-Type is a rarity these days – a well-designed platform figure.  A-Type manages to combine a large surface area with a range of display possibilities / poses.  The price is right as well.  For more on A-Type check out our exclusive interview on the figure’s design with Andrew Bell.  Expect to see A-Type at myplasticheart and select retailers during December.


atype_raired_upsidedown_500 atype_raired_front_500 atype_raired_down_500