Boo-Hooray Presents: SUCKLORD In You’re An A**hole For Buying This (01.22)


Boo-Hooray will soon be hosting a 12 day show featuring the collective work of SUCKLORD. On Tuesday, January 11th  the opening night takes place, where they will be exhibiting the entire SUCKADELIC catalogue all in one spot. On-Site will also be a SUCKADELIC SUCK-SHOPPE pop-up store, who will carry original artwork, sculptures, silk-screens, and paintings. There will also be a limited 100 page exhibition catalogue, which is limited to 500 copies and a Deluxe signed limited edition catalogue of 50 copies with an exclusive SUCKADELIC figure. Opening night begins at 6PM where you can meet the characters from the SUCKADELIC Universe.


521 W 23RD ST.
NEW YORK, NY 10011