Patricio Oliver – Tenebrae @ NYCC


New brand Raje Toys made the trip from the UK for NYCC.  For their first showing in the USA, they released two new two projects including Argentinean artist Patricio Oliver’s Tenebrae figures: Argent Paladin and Ruby Paladin.  Patricio was on-hand to greet collectors and chat about his new best rider figures.  

The figures look nice, have a very solid, weighty feeling and feature riders that separate at the waist so they can be used in riding and standing poses.  Part of the solid feeling of these figures comes from the use of resin for the detailed sections of the piece including the  torso arms and perhaps also the arms themselves as a compliment for the base vinyl body which it shares with Dr. Brain, Raje’s first toy.  Raje’s approach to creating limited-edition toys at affordable prices (the Tenebrae pieces are $60) through the use resin + vinyl is interesting and innovative.