Eye Of Fear – 1:1 noop & paw! Busts by Coarse @ NYCC


We got some great news for the Coarse fans out there. Here we present to you, two fiberglass sculpts of Coarses’s most recognizable characters, noop and paw!. These busts are 1:1 size and are as tall as 20” and will be available for your viewing pleasures at the VP booth (#2577) in The Cultyard at NYCC. Feel free and check out more pictures of these amazing busts after the jump.

noop_and_paw_bust_front paw_bust_1 paw_bust_2 paw_bust_3 paw_bust_4 paw_bust_5 noop_bust_1 noop_bust_5 noop_bust_complete

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