Vinyl Toy Cameo in Machete ?


Robert Rodriguez’s Machete hits theatres this Friday with a star-studded cast featuring Danny Trejo as Machete.  In addition to the grindhouse and cult appeal, we’re hearing that there just might be a quick designer toy cameo in the flick.  If you spot it, fill us in. 

2 Replies to “Vinyl Toy Cameo in Machete ?”

  1. I wonder if it will be Extra Spicy Tequila. There was one of those in the making of “Gridhouse” book (also produced by troublemaker studios). OR it could be Mr. Cartoon’s “Lost Angel” figure since Cartoon designed the Machete wrap for the food truck at SDCC. Hmm.

  2. Yes there is…
    I saw the movie last night @ a preview screening in San Diego,
    Tequila indeed shows up in the movie!!!
    And it’s absolutely amazing!!

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