SDCC: The Canmans – Graff Spray Can toys from Toynami


In addition to the UNKL figures,  Toynami seems to be exploring the ‘urban’ genre with ‘The Canmans’.  At first this seems to be yet another spray can figure.  The wrinkle is that it looks like the brand is working with some top-flight artists including REVOK, Dabs Myla, POSE and Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. Additionally, this is a ‘jar’ concept which we believe refers to the stash space that becomes available once the top is removed.  Very curious to see how this early project continues to develop.

2 Replies to “SDCC: The Canmans – Graff Spray Can toys from Toynami”

  1. I like the concept but those arms and legs are pretty generic and bland adding nothing at all to the base figure’s character. Like the typical “I’m going to design a blank vinyl figure” arms and legs.
    Being able to put things in it is a neat touch though.

  2. This canman is dope, the arms and legs should be simple , so that the artists can design on it without the ego intrusion of the acutall toy designer doing something crazy that limits or makes it difficult for the artists who buy blanks to draw on.. and keep all your different tips in different jars is awesome and key!

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