Seen: The Vader Project Auction Preview (Through 6.20)


After four tour stops, The Vader Project curated by Sarah Jo Marks and Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys has reached its culmination with the upcoming auction of the 100+ artist customized Darth Vader replica 1:1 helmets at Freeman’s on July 10th.  Through this Sunday (6.20, Noon – 6 PM), all of the helmets are on display at a special pop-up location on Melrose in West Hollywood.  If you have even a passing interest in Vader or the Post Brow art scene, this is a no-brainer must see celebrating pop culture and art in a truly unique manner.  Awesomeness meets the eye in every aisle – try to pick just one favorite, go ahead I dare you.

Vinyl Pulse was on-hand for both the Preview opening (6.11) and the mega catalog signing (6.12) and we snapped quite a few photos which are waiting on you after the jump.  The signing featured 20 artists from varied backgrounds including Estevan Oriol, Amanda Visell, Joe Ledbetter, Michelle Valigura, Tim Biskup, SucklordkaNO, Jesse Hernandez, Joe Hahn, Axis , Paul Frank, Simone Legno and more.  Speaking of the auction catalog, it’s gorgeous and includes two page spreads on each and every helmet.  Honest.  $40 for the perfect Vader Project momento – grab yours via the Vader Project site.

The Vader Project (through 6.20)
6812 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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