Amanda Visell x Fully Visual – ‘Okee Dokee’ Action Toy (6.22)


Fully Visual is set to kick off a brand new series of metal toys blending fun retro mechanical action with designs from some of your favorite artists.  The debut piece from this series is the moonshine lovin’ Okee Dokee from Amanda Visell

One push of the action lever puts the boozy scene into action – the phunt’s arms move up down, his hat slides back, and the moon rocks back and forth.  The ‘action’ comes from a simple mechanical lever system, true to the roots of the classic metal action toys of the past.   Fully Visual’s new metal ‘art toys’ live up to  both halves of the popular term with intricate details plus a novel, playful twist.

Edition and pricing info?  Nice and easy.  100 numbered pieces$100 each Okee Dokee drops on Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 @ 11 AM PDT from Fully Visual.