Brent Nolasco x mph– Hellebore + Blaue Blume Gordos (5.4)


MPH will release Brent Nolasco’s new Hellebore (green glow) and Blaue Blume (blue glow) Gordo resin figures on Tuesday May 4th @ 1 PM EDT from  The figures will be released in blind assortment lunchboxes – each featuring one of the GID gordos and matching thermos — $100 .  As you saw in the Hellebore video a few posts below, these aren’t your run of the mill GID. No these glow extremely brightly.  Just in case you need more video in your life – go check out the Blaue Blume video on Youtube.  This is a very limited release.

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  1. This lunchbox packaging would of course make any kid the coolest kid in middle school.
    “What do you have? Oh, He-Man? Uh, OK, right. I have a Brent Nolasco lunchbox, sucka. See you on the dodgeball field.”

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